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House rule

By purchasing an access authorization or entering the area of the Amoria Spa located in 9201 Kurmpendorf am Wörthersee, Hauptstrasse 236 (hereinafter referred to as Amoria Spa), the visitor automatically submits to these house rules.
In the event of an accident, the operator's personnel must be notified. According to the law, visitors are obliged to provide assistance. The instructions of the operator's staff must be followed. This applies in particular to orders such as: B. Leaving the pools during thunderstorms, evacuation in the event of a fire/disaster alarm.


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1. obligations of the Amoria Spa (operator)

Granting the use of the Amoria Spa, assumption of risk by guests
(1) The operator allows guests to use the facilities of the Amoria Spa at their own risk within the framework of these house rules. The validity of the house rules extends to the entire area of the Amoria Spa.
(2) It is not possible for either the operator or the staff to prevent bathing accidents in general. In particular, the guests themselves bear the risks associated with practicing sports on the premises.
(3) The same applies to injuries and other intrusions into the personal sphere of the guest by other guests or other third parties not belonging to the staff of the Amoria Spa.
(4) The operator shall only assume the following obligations towards the guests.
(5) The operator is responsible for ensuring that the Amoria Spa is set up, operated and maintained in accordance with regulations; in particular, the operator must comply with all applicable hygiene and safety regulations. The operator has no further obligations.

(6) As soon as the operator becomes aware of a malfunction, defect or damage to a facility that no longer guarantees safe operation, the operator shall immediately prohibit the use of the malfunctioning facility or restrict its use in an appropriate manner. In the case of temporary closures of partial areas, there is no entitlement to a refund of the admission fee.
(7) The bathing guest is responsible for complying with the instructions of the responsible staff.


1.1 Opening hours and granting access

(1) The Amoria Spa may only be entered and exited via the main entrance.
(2) The boundaries of the spa area may not be climbed on or over.
(3) The operator is required to allow visits during the opening hours announced on the notice board or by the supervisory staff. Opening hours may be changed for operational reasons.

(4) Admission tickets are only sold subject to available capacity.

(5) If the officially permitted number of visitors is exceeded, the operator may prohibit the admission of further visitors with the help of the responsible staff. In such cases, visitors must expect waiting times.

(6) The operator reserves the right to restrict the use of the Amoria Spa or parts thereof. This does not entitle the guest to a reduction or refund of the entrance fee.

(7) Access is only permitted to persons over the age of 16.

(8) In this sense, access authorizations can also be electronic data carriers (storage media) such as chip cards, transponders (chip watches etc.), magnetic cards, keys and the like.

(9) Use of the Amoria Spa is only permitted with a valid access authorization in accordance with the tariff regulations. The tariff regulations are part of the house rules.(10) Receipts must be kept for the entire duration of the visit. Lost access authorizations must be replaced. The loss of access authorization must be reported to the ticket office staff. In this case, the guest must present the tariff receipt. In the event of the loss of an access authorization and tariff receipt, the operator will charge a flat-rate fee in accordance with the valid tariff sheet.

(11) The access authorization, issued keys or prepaid cards must be returned when leaving the building.

(12) Each access authorization is personal, i.e. access is only granted to a specific person. If this person leaves the Amoria Spa, the access authorization immediately loses its validity (with the exception of time value cards).

(13) If several tariff benefits apply to your person, only one can be claimed.

(14) There is no right of return and no right to reimbursement for unused access authorizations

(15) When leaving the Amoria Spa with time cards, re-entry cannot be guaranteed if the maximum number of visitors is exceeded.

(16) The checkroom lockers must be cleared when leaving the Amoria Spa. In the event of non-compliance, the operator is entitled to open the box and remove the contents.

(17) For hourly tickets, the undressing and dressing time is included in the usage time. If this time is exceeded, the guest must pay a surcharge.

(18) Price and program changes as well as errors and misprints are reserved.

(19) Change is to be counted immediately at the cash desk, later objections will not be considered.

(20) The operator reserves the right to refuse admission to persons whose admission to the Amoria Spa appears questionable or to expel them from the Amoria Spa without giving reasons. These persons are not entitled to a refund of admission fees or benefits.In particular, these are persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, with infectious or disgusting diseases, open wounds, etc., with infirmities that endanger the safety of the person concerned or another guest or disturb the operation, do not observe the principles of hygiene and cleanliness, persistently violate the provisions of the house rules despite warnings, defy the instructions of the staff, use the facilities contrary to their intended purpose, sexually or otherwise harass other guests, violate property rights or other legal provisions.
(21) The closing time shall be announced on the notice board and by means of an announcement.The guest undertakes not to exceed the opening hours.
(22) A photo ID must be presented upon request

1.2 Monitoring compliance with the house rules

The operator shall monitor compliance with the house rules by guests and other persons on the premises of the Amoria Spa within reasonable limits with the help of its responsible staff. If irregular behavior is detected, the persons concerned will be warned and may be expelled from the premises if necessary.



The guest undertakes not to exceed the opening hours.Provision has been made for "first aid" in the event of accidents. Due to legal regulations, bathers are obliged to provide first aid to each other, and in the event of an accident, the nearest supervisor must be informed immediately.


1.4 Assistance in the prevention of reported dangers

If the operator, in particular the responsible staff, is notified by guests of an imminent danger to the health and life of guests, the operator shall make reasonable efforts to avert this danger with the help of its staff. The operator is entitled to make video recordings to maintain safety and documentation.

1.5 No possibility of supervising young people, minors, disabled persons and non-swimmers

 The operator and its staff are not able and therefore not obliged to supervise minors, physically or mentally disabled persons and non-swimmers. Supervisors are the legal guardians or persons appointed by them. They are responsible for the behavior of the persons to be supervised in the Amoria Spa and for compliance with the house rules of the house rules.


1.6 18+ atmosphere 

Admission to the Amoria Spa is only permitted from the age of 18.


1.7 Liability of the operator(1) The operator shall only be liable for damage caused to the guest by him or his staff through unlawful, in particular non-contractual, and culpable behavior.
(2) The operator is not liable for damages caused by disregarding the house rules, any other regulations of use or by disregarding the instructions of the staff, by other own fault of the injured party or by unavoidable events or force majeure, in particular also by interventions of third parties. Contributory negligence shall lead to a corresponding apportionment of damages.The same applies mutatis mutandis to any special rules of use displayed at the respective equipment and facilities as well as to any prohibitions or restrictions on use within the meaning of point 1.1 para. 6.
(3) The wearing of bathing sandals is recommended.

(4) The use of parking spaces is at your own risk.  The operator is not liable for personal injury or damage to property in the parking lot and at the entrances to the baths and is not obliged to guard parking lots or maintain their areas or other facilities in order to protect vehicles from damage (e.g. from nails, broken glass or potholes).
(5) Liability for items brought onto the premises shall only be assumed within the scope of the statutory provisions on safekeeping (ABGB) and only on condition that these are "items usually brought onto the premises" and that other items such as money, jewelry and valuables are kept in the depots or lockers provided. No liability is accepted for bathrobes, bath towels, bathing caps, swimwear, bathing shoes, cosmetics, spectacles, watches and similar items used in direct connection with the use of the sauna.


2 Obligations of the guests2.1 Supervision of young people, non-swimmers and disabled persons

(1) The persons otherwise responsible for the supervision of young people, non-swimmers and disabled persons (e.g. legal guardians, relatives or corresponding supervisors or carers) must make proper provision for the supervision of these persons.
(2) These persons subject to supervision shall remain responsible for supervision even if they do not enter the Amoria Spa premises or leave the premises prematurely.
(3) The applicable youth protection regulations shall apply.

2.2 Supervision of group visits

(1) In the case of group visits, the responsible supervisor for pupils and the responsible official for clubs and other organizations must ensure compliance with the house rules and bear full responsibility for this. The relevant supervisors must be present for the entire duration of the group visit.
(2) These supervisors must liaise with the supervisory staff of the Amoria Spa in order to ensure that the normal operation of the spa is not disrupted by the group visit.


2.3 Instructions of the Amoria Spa staff

(1) Guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the responsible staff of the operator without restriction. This also applies if a guest should be of the opinion that the instruction given to them is not justified.
(2) Anyone who violates the house rules or bans on the use of certain facilities (e.g. pools, sauna) or restrictions within the meaning of point 1.1. para. 6 or disobeys the instructions of the responsible staff can be expelled from the Amoria Spa by the staff or another representative of the operator without any claim to a refund of the entrance fee.
(3) In special cases, a ban on future visits may also be imposed.


2.4 Hygiene regulations.

(1) Guests are obliged to maintain the utmost cleanliness throughout the Amoria Spa and must comply with the hygiene and sauna regulations. Contamination of the pools and other facilities is prohibited.
(2) Guests are only permitted to stay in the wet area in standard local swimwear.
(3) The barefoot area may not be entered with street shoes for reasons of hygiene and safety (risk of slipping).
(4) The Amoria Spa may not be visited with infectious diseases.
(5) For reasons of hygiene, you must shower before entering or using the pools, sauna cabins, loungers, solariums, etc.
(6) When staying in the nude area, the following provisions must also be observed

- The sauna chambers, steam baths and pools in the nude area may only be entered unclothed.
- The sauna chambers may only be entered when dry, clean and without bathing shoes.
- Self-brought ingredients (sauna fragrances, infusions) are strictly prohibited.
- A sufficiently large, dry seat and lounger towel must be used as a base. Feet must be placed on the mat.
- Please be quiet during the infusion.
- The guided infusions take place at the specified times and are carried out by the sauna staff.
- The access and infusion times are visually communicated by a color signal (color traffic light), which is visible in and in front of the sauna chamber.
- During the infusion or when the color signal is set to "red", the sauna chamber may not be used.

- In order to avoid dangers and disruptions to sauna operation, we request that you carefully read and observe the information displayed in front of the individual chambers regarding the type and duration of use of the individual steam and sauna areas as well as the necessary hygiene instructions. People with chronic illnesses or taking medication must consult their doctor before visiting the sauna.

(7) The use of soap, shampoos or detergents and the washing of swimwear in swimming and bathing pools is prohibited. In the interest of keeping the bathing water clean, cosmetics must be used sparingly.
(8) Shaving, hair coloring and nail cutting are prohibited in the Amoria Spa.
(9) For reasons of hygiene, food may only be consumed in the designated restaurant and bar areas.
(10) Fragile objects (bottles, drinking glasses, other glass containers, etc.) may not be taken into the wet area.
(11) Waste (bottles, glasses, cans, paper, plastics, etc.) must be disposed of in the waste containers provided.


2.5 Hazards and nuisances

(1) Every guest is obliged to show consideration for other bathers, especially with regard to noise. Therefore, anything that disturbs or even endangers other bathers must be avoided.

(2) All pools and facilities of the Amoria Spa may only be used in accordance with their intended purpose.
(3) Animals may not be taken into the Amoria Spa.
(4) The instructions and directions of the staff must be followed at all times. The Amoria Spa staff is entitled to issue bathing bans and, if necessary, a temporary or general bathing and entry ban may be issued by the management. Any complaints and requests should be made to the management as soon as possible.
(5) Escape doors are marked as such and may only be opened in an emergency. Violations may be punished with a bathing and entry ban. Escape doors and escape routes must not be obstructed under any circumstances (e.g. by loungers, etc.).
(6) Cell phones are prohibited in all areas of the Amoria Spa, with the exception of the checkroom, Zen Lounge and entrance foyer.
(7) Image, video and sound recordings of any kind are strictly prohibited throughout the Amoria Spa. The same applies to the operation of sound systems brought into the spa. (This also includes cell phones, tablets, PCs, etc.)
(8) Smoking, with the exception of the allocated smoking areas, is not permitted anywhere in the Amoria Spa.

(9) Trolleys etc. may not be taken into the barefoot areas. Persons with reduced mobility with wheelchairs (medical wheelchairs) may only enter the Amoria Spa with an accompanying person.
(10) Water and hygiene samples may only be taken throughout the Amori Spa with the express permission of the management.

2.6 General behavior

To avoid the risk of accidents, the following is prohibited, among other things
(1) Jumping from the edge of the pool
(2) Diving into the shallows
(3) Running on the pool surrounds
(4) Use of flippers, diving glasses, air mattresses and the like
(5) Use of equipment contrary to its obvious purpose (gymnastics on barrier ropes and railings)
(6) The staff is instructed to behave courteously towards the bathers, without taking individuals into consideration, but to pay particular attention to compliance with given instructions and instructions in the general interest.
(7) Only one lounger may be used per guest and this may not be reserved.
(8) Any bathing equipment found will be kept for 3 months and then donated to charity.
Valuables will be handed over to the local authority's lost property office after 3 months.
(9) Visitors are not permitted to enter the operating rooms
(10) When using the solariums and other facilities, the posted usage and warning notices must be observed.
(11) In the event of black ice, only cleared paths may be used.

2.7 Deposit and loss of items, parking of vehicles

(1) Valuables may be deposited in the lockers provided for this purpose; no liability can be accepted for valuables otherwise brought into the Amoria Spa.
(2) Any items found must be handed in at the reception desk.
(3) Vehicles or other objects may only be parked in such a way that access to the Amoria Spa is not obstructed, in particular with regard to rescue, fire department or police operations.


2.8 Obligation to report

Accidents, theft, damage etc. must be reported immediately to the responsible staff or the management of the Amoria Spa.


2.9 Other commercial activities/advertising

Any kind of commercial activity or advertising in the area of the Amoira Spa requires the consent of the operator.


2.10 Reimbursement of costs for damage, soiling and loss

Please treat the Amoria Spa and its furnishings carefully and gently. Avoid any contamination. The costs of any necessary damage repair or removal of contamination must be reimbursed. If damage or soiling has been caused - even if unintentionally - please inform the spa or sauna staff.


2.11 Supervision

Please make it easier for the pool and sauna staff to carry out their duties to ensure that operations run smoothly. In this context, we request that you follow the instructions of the staff. The staff are instructed to be polite and courteous to guests.


The management

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